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GAMP – What GAMP ?

5th Strategy Meeting in Berlin

On 19-20 November, nearly 40 GAMP stakeholders met in Berlin to discuss current issues and future topics for the five German-Arab Master’s Programmes. Invited were coordinators, professors and alumni representatives of all 11 GAMP universities, as well as DAAD and GIZ representatives. The future of the GAMP Network was thoroughly discussed.

11 GAMP universities?

Yes! This year, REMENA started a tri-lateral partnership with the Tunisian University of Monastir and everyone was excited to welcome Prof. Souheil el-Alimi as the first representative of this partnership with the Maghreb to the GAMP Network.

The workshop started on Saturday afternoon with a warm-up introduction of the participants, followed by a presentation by Werner Wasmuth (GIZ) on the current status of the GAMP project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Sunday sessions started with a presentation by Mustafa Nasereddin, IWRM alumnus and CEO of WEE Pros, a newly founded German-Arab consulting company that offers international services in different sectors with particular focus on the water-energy nexus and plans to draw widely from the GAMP alumni network. His presentation showed the strong potential of the five GAMP for international cooperation and the possibilities that arise from the network.

getting to know

Rainer GoutriƩ (IUSD) and Adel Khalil (REMENA) are getting to know each other

Where are we at?

Following, the study programmes gave presentations on their current status and showed the different challenges they face and how they (plan to) tackle them. It became clear that the programmes have all found creative solutions for their questions – some very different, some very similar.

Afterwards, the participants divided into separate working groups that were formed according to the questions and issues that were raised during a brainstorming session the day before.

Is there an added value of GAMP?

The overarching question and common denominator of all the 12 working groups was how working together can be continued after the end of the BMZ project in 2017. While some issues touch the five programmes similarly and could be tackled together, others seem to be more easily approached separately – or as one participant put it: “We need to define the added value of GAMP: Why should we invest in the network and not in our own programme?”

GAMP Alumni had a lot to discuss

Alumni cooperation

The added value of GAMP was predominantly seen by the alumni representatives who stress the common issues they face – but also the chances that arise from having a network of highly qualified alumni with international experience and in increasingly cross-cutting sectors. Here, cooperation should be enhanced. Different options were discussed like a common event in 2017 or a GAMP Linked-In Group, but also options for sharing job information and offers through the Alumni Database*.

In the end, all participants agreed that it was a fruitful meeting and took away many tasks that all GAMP want to work on over the next months!  

*If you are interested in joining our activities or update your data, please send and email to: gamp@giz.de