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Connecting the Dots

WEE Pros GmbH: Partner for Sustainable Solutions

Nearly 10 years after the first students started to study with GAMP, the first official GAMP alumni Consultant Company has been founded. WEE Pros is focusing on the Water-Energy-Environment-Nexus and draws greatly on the intercultural and intersectoral competencies of the GAMP alumni. CEO and Co-founder Mustafa Nasereddin explains the concept.

WEE Pros logo

Wee Pros is GAMPs first consultancy offspring

We, as GAMP alumni, enrolled in one of the Masters’ Programmes focusing on Economy, Education, Urban Development, Renewable Energy or Water Management because we are interested in sustainable development in the Arab region and in German-Arab Cooperation.

The job-hunting mission starts, as we approach our master thesis semester and have almost reached the point to conclude our study program!

GAMPs equip students with the adequate knowledge and exposure to knock on the doors of public, private, donor and sustainable development organizations.

Wee pros büro

The main office of the company is in Bonn

Cross-Cutting Specialists

One of GAMPs’ objectives is to prepare young professional leaders for key positions in sustainable development and strengthen the cooperation between Germany and Arab countries. However, GAMP is about interlinkages: We can separately work in our specific sectors, but our real strength is the ability to consider cross-cutting issues for sustainable development, while being specialists in our own field. We, as alumni, are all about connecting the dots. Here comes the idea of creating WEE Pros!

Bridging Both Cultures

WEE Pros GmbH is an initiative by IWRM alumni to create a management consulting firm specialized in water, energy and environment (W-E-E) and looking at economy and education as cross cutting themes. Our vision is to be an international and innovative company, providing integrated, sustainable solutions and profession¬al services. We bridge Germany and the MENA Region, as we do understand both cultures.

Wee pros wasser giz

WEE Pros delivered a special training on Operation & Maintenance for Sewage Networks within GIZ Water Palestinian Program

Treating GAMP Alumni as Resources
Seeking business opportunities, we are mainly focusing on GAMP alumni when recommending specialists for sustainability projects in MENA region. This will help in creating job opportunities for GAMP alumni and complement the work and efforts invested through the past years.
WEE Pros GmbH (based in Bonn) provides a wide variety of management consulting services in the following sectors:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Applied Research & Studies
  • Institutional Development & Strategic Partnerships

Register with WEE Pros!

We encourage GAMP alumni who have research or project ideas to contact us and work together as one team to seek funding opportunities. We will also collaborate on maintaining an updated database for the GAMP Alumni Network spread over a wide range of expertise). Please visit our website for more information including a brochure with an overview on the consulting services offered by WEE Pros GmbH.


Mustafa is Co-founder of Wee Pros and IWRM alumni

About the Author: Mustafa Nasereddin is Co-Founder and Managing Director of WEE Pros GmbH. He is alumnus of the first IWRM intake and since his graduation served as the Director of Project and Technical Services/Assistant Secretary General at the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA). He worked previously as water demand management specialist at USAID projects in Jordan and in environmental management consulting business.