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GAMP in the "Alumniportal Deutschland"

Gamp students and alumni keep in touch with each other, their universities and the entire GAMP network and exchange ideas via the "Alumniportal Deutschland".  

The Arab-German Master Programmes Alumni Network (AGAN) and the joint GAMP group in Alumniportal Deutschland offers all interested GAMP members a common digital platform with wide-ranging content and options. Specificly, it offers and facilitates:

  • Networking between alumni and current students beyond the master’s programmes;
  • Exchange of knowledge and professional discussions.
  • Information about potential employers and current job advertisements.
  • Access to interesting documents, photographs and reports.
  • An overview about and organises topics and interests in (sub) Groups within the network.

Becoming a member of the Alumniportal Deutschland and our GAMP network there is very easy:

  • Register with the Alumniportal Germany and create a profile.
  • Then visit the Arab-German Master Programmes Alumni Network (AGAN) page – you can also use the search button to navigate the network.
  • Send a contact enquiry to the AGAN network, and briefly introduce yourself and your link to GAMP.
  • Once AGAN has confirmed your contact, you can become a member in the sub-groups, contact the other students and alumni or simply browse.
  • Do not forget to become a member of our joint GAMP-Group, too.

Further Information: The Alumni Portal Germany (APD)

The Alumniportal Germany (APD) is a social network for people who have studied, researched, worked or received further training in Germany. The APD is a joint project of five German organisations involved in the development, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation: The DAAD, GIZ, CIM, Goethe Institut, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung. Worldwide, there are more than 77,000 alumni and partners of the development cooperation who are ADP members.