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Berlin Module

German-Arab Cooperation in Development, Business, Culture and Politics

REMENA students and coordinator in Berlin ┬ęPhoto: Adnan Al-Akori

Once a year, the students of the 5 German-Arab Master's Programmes have the opportunity to participate together in the "German-Arab Cooperation in Development, Business, Culture and Politics" module in Berlin. The Berlin-Module has been organized since 2008. It is acknowledged as a core element for linking the Master's programmes with the political and socio-economic practice.

The major focus of the "Berlin Module" is to understand the set-up and interplay of institutions and organisations with relevance to German-Arab Relations and their political, economic and cultural objectives and instruments.

During the module, participants study the process of changing rules and regulations, based on practical examples, presented by actors in the German governance system on three different levels: parliament, federal government ministries, and implementing organisations.

Accordingly the students have the opportunity to discuss with associations, specialised departments and parliamentarians and to observe committee meetings of the German Federal Parliament. Next to visits to specific organisations the Berlin-Module also includes plenary lectures and group work to debate the findings and prepare group reports.

The students are working in interdisciplinary working Groups focusing on different aspects, thereby encouraging cross-sectoral approaches and networking.

The Berlin Module 2016 will take place from May 28 to June 2, 2016. The four-day core element of the Berlin Module is followed by an optional thematic consolidation day that gives students the opportunity to explore organisations and policy-making related to their respective field of study. Additionally the students have the chance to visit the city and get familiar with its rich history and culture.