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Interesting links to GAMP related issues

Development Cooperation

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
The homepage of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development provides information about the activities of the German Federal Government in international cooperation.
English: www.bmz.de/en
German: www.bmz.de

Arabterm: Ein Technisches Online-Wörterbuch für die Arabische Welt
ARABTERM is a quadrilingual online technical dictionary incorporating four specialist volumes on Renewable Energy, Electrical Engeneering, Water Technologies and Automotive Engineneering. Two more on an Transport and Infrastructure as well as Textile Industries will be gradually added on in 2014.
By way of the regional project ARABTERM, the German Federal Government supports the transfer of technical knowledge and knowledge exchange amongst and with the Arab states in order to sustain integration in the global economy.
English: www.arabterm.org
German: www.arabterm.org
French: www.arabterm.org
Arabic: www.arabterm.org

Global Campus E-Academy
Global Campus E-Academy is an online training portal of GIZ which offers various training modules of relevance to the development context.
English: www.gc21-eacademy.org

GIZ Expertise
The page provides background information about the topics and working methods of the GIZ. It also has links to relevant GIZ publications on development policies.
English: www.giz.de/expertise
German: www.giz.de/fachexpertise/

Alumniportal Germany
The Alumniportal Germany (APD) is a social network for people who have studied, researched, worked or received further training in Germany. The APD is a joint project of five German organisations involved in development, economic, cultural and scientific cooperation: the DAAD, GIZ, CIM, Goethe Institut, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung.
German: www.alumniportal-deutschland.org/en
English: www.alumniportal-deutschland.org

Entwicklungspolitik Online
The Entwicklungspolitik Online portal provides information about jobs and job seekers in development cooperation as well as internship offers.
German: www.epojobs.de

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lernen und Helfen in Übersee
The working group “Learning and Helping Overseas” provides information about opportunities involving social activities in developing countries, including a job market for the development service.
German: www.entwicklungsdienst.de

Engagement Global
Engagement Global combines initiatives and programmes involving development work. It includes information about these programmes as well as helpful information  on filing out applications, further training and networks.
English: www.engagement-global.de
German: www.engagement-global.de/en


Qantara is a programme from Deutsche Welle. It aims at entering into a dialogue with the Islamic World. It includes reports by renowned authors and on current topics from Islamic countries  as well as Muslim migration.
English: www.en.qantara.de/
German: www.de.qantara.de/

Zenith is a German-language society magazine on the Near East, Central and South East Asia and the Muslim-influenced oriental region. The magazine is published bi-monthly in a print edition, but the homepage regularly publishes new reports.
English: www.zenithonline.de/english
German: www.zenithonline.de/

In reports, Jadaliyya critically analyses topics that affect the Arab World. It is published in Arabic, French, English and Turkish, and is an excellent resource for up to-date background information.
English: www.jadaliyya.com

The quarterly published by the “Information Project Near and Middle East” (INAMO) provides information in the form of analyses, reports and interviews about background issues of the region’s developments.
German: www.inamo.de

Alsharq is a blog operated by young academics and journalists focussing on the Near East. It contains up-to-date information and background reports about the Arab World.
German: www.alsharq.de

Lisan is a magazine for Arabic literature that provides an insight into the assessments and topics of contemporary Arab writers.
German: www.lisan.ch

Fikrun wa Fann
Fikrun wa Fann (“Art and Thoughts”) is a culture magazine published by the Goethe-Institute for dialogue with the Arab world. It is published twice a year in Arabic, English and Farsi. The contributions of the print edition are also available in German on the website.
German: www.goethe.de/...

The magazine Diwan concentrates on Islamic-influenced societies in the Near and Middle East as well as in the Western world. It focuses, in particular, on Muslim life in Berlin. Diwan is a project of a student association of Freie Universität Berlin.
German: www.diwan-berlin.de/zeitschrift

The art magazine Nafas is a project by the German Institute for Foreign Affairs (IfA). It provides information about art and artists who see their artistic roots in the Islamic-influenced world, and provides information about art projects and museums in the region.
English: www.universes-in-universe.org/eng/nafas
German: www.universes-in-universe.org/deu/nafas

Background Information about the MENA Region

Goethe Institut Cairo
The Goethe Institut in Cairo provides detailed information about exciting projects involving German-Arab cultural work.
German: www.goethe.de/...

Federal Agency for Civic Education
This is the information page of the Federal Agency for Civic Education about the Arab Spring. In addition to interesting background reports, it provides an excellent bibliography of publications on the transitional processes.
Deutsch: www.bpb.de/internationales/afrika/arabischer-fruehling

Goethe-Institut web journal on the Arab Transitions
The Goethe-Institut web journal on the Arab world undergoing change reported during the Arab Spring about current changes. The blog is no longer updated but provides excellent information about daily events between 2011 and 2012.
German, Arabic: www.blog.goethe.de/...

Souk Magazin
The society magazine about the oriental region has not been updated since 2012 but it still provides exciting background reports on social topics.
German: www.soukmagazine.de

Unfortunately, the webpage of the British journalist is somewhat chaotic, nevertheless it contains good link informations to Arabic language schools, newspaper articles and country information.
English: www.al-bab.com

Associations and societies

The Ghorfa - Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry - is the official representation of all Arab chambers of industry and commerce in Germany. Its activities focus on establishing links between German and Arab companies.
German/ English: www.ghorfa.de

Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient is made up of a group of interested academics and specialists from the region. In addition to the exchange of information between members, above all the DAVO newsletter is significant. It publishes details of relevant job offers, conferences and articles.
English: www.davo1.de
German: www.davo1.de

The Euro-Mediterranean Association for Cooperation and Development provides information about the economic development cooperation with the MENA region. It contains a job market and an interesting calendar.
English: www.ema-hamburg.org/...
German: www.ema-hamburg.org

Deutsch Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft e.V. (DAFG)
The webpage of the „Deutsch Arabische Freundschaftsgesellschaft“ contains a useful list of links to institutions in the Arab countries.
German: www.dafg.eu


Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik advises the German Federal Parliament and the German Federal Government as well as industry on foreign policy matters. The research group Near and Middle East publishes interesting scientific publications on policy and security analysis matters.
German: www.swp-berlin.org/naher-mittlerer-osten-und-afrika

Zentrum Moderner Orient
Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) is a research facility that, from an interdisciplinary and historic comparison perspective, addresses the Near East, Africa, Central Asia and South and South East Asia. The research focuses on the interaction of largely Islamic-influenced societies and their relations with non-Islamic neighbouring regions.
German: www.zmo.de

The GIGA-Institut is a German research institute with sociological expertise on international topics. Among other things, the regional group on Near East studies has put together a list of sociological publications on research.
German: www.giga-hamburg.de/giga-institut-nahost...

Carnegie Endowment for Peace (sada)
sada is the Middle East Analysis Page of the global think tank Carnegie Endowment for Peace. It provides information on political, economic, and social issues in the Arab world.
English: www.carnegieendowment.org

Chatham House
The British Chatham House provides excellent analysis of current issues in the MENA region.
English: www.chathamhouse.org/research/middle-east