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The Master’s Programmes

Learning with and from Each Other

Specialists and executives in all areas require well-established knowledge and up-to-date methodical skills to appropriately analyse issues in their respective fields and to develop suitable and sustainable solutions.

Contentwise, the German-Arab Master’s Programmes were established along the lines of the priority areas of German development cooperation with the MENA region: Water, renewable energy, economic reform and education.

However, beyond subject-matter expertise the complexity of current and future challenges international cooperation faces in the MENA region, requires additional qualifications:  

  • Intercultural skills
  • Regional knowledge and experience
  • Practical experience
  • Interdisciplinary ideas
  • Language skills
  • Ability to work in a Team

The German-Arab Master’s Programmes have pinpointed these requirements and respond to them with a particular concept.

Young German and Arab professionals learn in small groups with and from each other. Additionally, intercultural skills are strengthened by seminars and specialist coaching sessions.Students study in Germany and at the respective partner university in Egypt, Jordan or Lebanon.

Courses are taught in English – additional language skills can also be developed: Depending on their mother tongue, students have the option of attending German or Arabic language courses.

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